Chaperone FAQ

Q: Does the music program need parent chaperones for ensemble trips?

A: Chaperones are required for any music ensemble trip; the adult to student ratio needs to be at least 1:20. Mr. Kurrus will often ask parents to be chaperones.


Q: What are a chaperone’s duties on a trip?

A: The chaperone is to assist the music director to ensure the safety of the students on the trip and to keep order in the ensemble. Chaperone duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking that everyone gets on/off the bus with their luggage and instruments
  • Bedtime room check(s) at the hotel
  • Staying with and supervising a group of students on a sightseeing trip
  • Accompanying students to a meal or meals
  • Ensuring that students are in the right place at the right time (especially in the mornings)
  • Helping students with issues that inevitably arise (lost wallets, left luggage, forgotten medications, etc.)
  • If needed, accompanying students to the hospital or Emergency Room to address unexpected injuries/illnesses.

Mr. Kurrus is the ultimate authority on any trip, so a chaperone should check with him about other necessary duties.


Q: Do I need to travel with the group on the same flight or other transportation if I am a chaperone? Do I need to stay in the same hotel, and eat meals with the group?

A:  Yes, yes, and yes.  A chaperone must stay with the group at all times, unless Mr. Kurrus has sent a chaperone to do another task.


Q: Can I be excused from my chaperone duty to sightsee on my own?

A: No, sorry, see answer to the previous question.


Q: Do chaperones need to pay their own costs for the trip?

A: While MAMBO would love to pay for chaperones to attend the trips, we just cannot afford it – we need to spend our funds on scholarships for students. So we ask that all chaperones pay their full trip cost.


Q: Can I go on a trip if I am not a chaperone?

A: There may not be room on a group flight or in the same hotel for you, but if you are interested in going on the trip without being a chaperone, please ask Mr. Kurrus.


Q: If I am a chaperone, can I take my child on special side trips while on the group trip?

A: No, sorry, you need to stay with the group, and so does your student. However, you may get a chance to take a small group of students on a side trip!


Q: How do I get my name on the list to be a chaperone?

A: If there is a particular trip that you would like to chaperone, send Mr. Kurrus an email and let him know. If there is a need for chaperones as the trips get closer, Mr. Kurrus will send out an email requesting volunteers.